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Young soldiers for Christ

Our Youth ministry is broken up into 3 categories; Children, Teens, and Young Adults:


The Info Life Children's Ministry is designed to encourage Pre-K to 5th graders, to know ABOUT God (head knowledge) and KNOW God personally in relationship (heart knowledge). From their knowledge of God, the youth shall gain understanding of who they are as a child of God and walk and grow in that identity day by day.

For 2017, the children are being taught about the different names and the nature of God through Old Testament/New Testament scriptures, stories, prayer and hands-on activities. The goal is to show the children how God's names and His nature relates to them in the challenges they face as youth in today's society, and live life based on knowing Who they belong to and who they are in Him.

To find out more about the Children's Ministry, contact



Our Teen Ministry, ages 13-17 years, is designed to create a safe, encouraging, and fun atmosphere where they can share their thoughts, talents, and concerns, while receiving bible-based yet realistic answers to their questions.

This age group is at a vulnerable stage, where they can become distracted, or hurt in more ways than one. The Info Life Teen Ministry seeks to cover our teens, and teens that we come in contact with everyday, and help them grow into all that God would have them to be; by knowing their identity, and how they can impact the world around them.

To find out more about the Teen Ministry, contact Minister Charlotte Hadley-Griffin.

Young Adults

The Young Adult ministry is geared toward young men and women, ages 18 to 25, with the goal of giving them opportunity to address the "real life" concerns and challenges of their age group from a Christ-like perspective. This ministry's goal is to encourage young adults to grasp an understanding of their God-ordained purpose, operate in their gifts, talents and callings inside and outside the church, and incorporate their faith in Christ in their day to day lives.


Group outings and discussions take place in casual, relaxed settings at least once a quarter to allow for open dialogue with other young adults and the Pastor and Co-Pastor of Info Life Church. These fellowships are opportunities for our young adults to be connected, educated, encouraged, equipped, and supported as they find and define their individual places "in the world, but not of it." Young adults are also encouraged to participate in the men's and women's ministries for further development and growth in their individual Christian walks.

To find out more about the Young Adult Ministry, contact

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