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Women of Grace

Designed for women to explore and be reminded of the meaning of God's grace (His favor and enabling power), the Women of Grace Ministry examines how God abounds grace toward us in our daily lives and in the many responsibilities we have as women. At first glance, the Proverbs 31 woman is as "Superwoman" with her multitude of talents, gifts and abilities spiritually and naturally, but her "Superwoman" qualities truly show her to be a woman of grace- trustingly dependent on God in every area of her life. This ministry, through biblical studies, discussions, prayer, hands-on projects, and group outings, help women see that they are Proverbs 31 women in their own right by God's design and purposeful intention.

The goal of this ministry is to unite women and help each of them ponder and live out the answers to the following questions regarding themselves: 

What are my good works as a woman? Can I believe God to give me all favor and all divine ability to excel in every one of my God-ordained works as a woman? What areas in my life need more of God's grace working for me, in me and through me? Where have I learned to receive God's grace to reign and excel? How do I tap in to see God's grace multiplied in my life? How do I intercede for other women and God's grace upon their lives?

For more information about our women's ministry and upcoming events, contact

Sister 2 Sister

The Sister 2 Sister Ministry has been established to connect with newly converted women both young and old, who might be struggling in their walk; Women who might need someone to talk with; Someone who has encouraging words as well as a helping hand. The goal is to make each of their lives as a new Christian not only possible but also the most rewarding experience ever.

For more information on Sister 2 Sister, contact Minister Evelyn Flowers.

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