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Education Ministries

Info Life believes in giving out information that is meaningful and bible-based. Our classes are catered to be easily understandable, and accessible.

The Minister of Education seeks to accomplish the following through various avenues:

  • Help students learn attitudes, skills, and subject matter that will contribute to their developement as mature, able, and responsible Christians who will make a transforming influence in their world to the praise and the Glory of God.

  • To effectively bring the Holy Scriptures to life by using the Hebrew and Greek language to help magnify the awesomeness of God's Word.

  • To demonstrate a strong passion to uphold the vision, mission, educational objective statement of faith doctrine and core values of Info Life church.

The Education Ministry develops lesson plans for our deacons-in- training, ministers-in-training, elder/pastor classes, and Sunday School.

To find out how you can take part in the education ministry, or to get your materials for Sunday School, contact Minister Tina Williams.

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